Strategic Analysis & Decision Making

Provides an understanding of strategy and decision making and the impact that high level decisions have on organisations as a whole. This module seeks to develop a range of relevant skills with regards to understanding and development of strategy to complement the candidate’s experience.


Strategic analysis is concerned with understanding the strategic position of the organisation. From a business perspective, competition refers to rivalry among firms operating in a market to fill the same customer’s needs. Competition is a basic essential in the free enterprise system. The term competition defies true definition because the view of competition held by different groups varies.

The central purpose of information is for planning. Management requires information about customers, markets, competition and other environmental variables in order to plan effectively. Information is the medium of control. Management seeks relevant information such as sales, market share and expenses to monitor performance. Information gathered either on an ad hoc or continuous basis can be used as a guide to predicting future trends.

There are four (4) main assessment pieces, grouped as follows:

  1. Assessment 1: online question and answer (30%)
  2. Assessment 2: file upload (40%)
  3. Continuous Assessment Quizzes:
    Quiz 1: checks your understanding of lessons 1-6
    Quiz 2: checks your understanding of lessons 7-11

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  1. Nice course


    very nice course. We were given some reference material as well.. i got a number of docs as attachments in different units….i still have it..whenever i need to revise my basics i go through the docs again. much appreciated.


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