Are there any penalties for late assignments?

The following standard penalties apply to all assignments. If there is any variation in this, it will be advised by the ALA.

2 marks/day


Subject Failure/expulsion

Marks will also be deducted for:

  • Poor referencing (if or as specified in the assignment)
  • Poor spelling (if the assignment is unable to be understood)
  • Non-typed assignments
  • Not adhering to specified format
  • Not adhering to word count
  • Not adhering to any other instructions of the assignment
  • Lack of conclusion

Other penalties or requirements may apply and will be detailed on an assignment-by- assignment basis. This is dependent on the objectives of the assignment and the criteria on which the assignment is to be assessed. It is the aim of the ALA that assignments submitted over the course of the diploma/advanced diploma should have varying requirements so as to reflect the varying requirements of the business world. As a result, marking will reflect these requirements.

May 9, 2016

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