What format are the final assessments?

If you are required to sit for a final assessment, the format follows the general outline below. Please note that the percentages are provided as a guide only, and actual examination composition will vary from subject to subject.

  • Multiple Choice Questions
    Usually 30-40% of the examination
    Used to test definitions and basic concepts (advantages and disadvantages, benefits, etc).
  • Short Answer Questions
    Usually 30-40% of the examination
    Used to test definitions, may ask for examples, fill-in-the-blanks. Students may be asked to explain fields on forms, match diagrams to definitions, and other higher level concepts.
  • Short Essay Questions
    20-40% of the examination
    Students are given a choice of topics to answer from (eg. answer 4 out of the 6 following questions). Students are expected to write on the topics, either in point form or paragraphs. They may provide diagrams to supplement their answers. It is generally a good idea to use examples from your experience in this section.
March 16, 2016

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